Laser & Intense Pulse Light (IPL) Therapies

Laser and IPL

Lasers & Intense Pulsed Light devices (IPL) are utilized to treat skin blemishes, broken blood vessels, wrinkles, scars and sun damaged skin without the risks or pain involved with major surgery. Skin lasers are so precise in removing diseased or unhealthy skin that normal or healthy skin is hardly affected. Our Center offers a full line of lasers & IPL devices that complement each other and are able to treat a variety of skin conditions safely and efficiently. The newest technologies in skin rejuvenation lasers are fractional lasers such as the Palomar Fraxel and Emerge lasers. These lasers can be used alone or in comination with IPL devices to treat wrinkles, acne scars and sun damaged skin. They are very safe and can be utilized to treat the skin of the neck, chest and hands as well as facial skin. The Versapulse ® laser is a very versatile laser that is used to erase unwanted facial veins, port wine stains, vascular birthmarks, sun blemishes like freckles and age spots, and even man-made blemishes such as tattoos. We will guide you in selecting which laser or IPL device is best for your skin.

Laser Hair Removal

Imagine being able to remove unwanted hair without needles, the side effects of electrolysis or waxing. With our advanced laser and IPL hair removal methods, nothing touches your skin except a focused beam of light that penetrates deep into the hair follicle with little risk of infection, pigmentation or scarring. We offer the LightSheer Diode Laser, as well as the Palomar Vectus diode laser and ICON IPL system, which are the gold standards in laser hair removal. Our Medical Director, Doctor Rube J. Pardo is a pioneer in laser hair removal, and he and his staff have performed thousands of treatments. Coral Gables Dermatology & Laser Center employs only board certified dermatologists, certified nurse practitioners and laser certified electrologists as laser hair removal specialists. We have an unparalleled safety record so you can be assured that you will be receiving the best care when you place your trust in us.

Lasers that Rejuvenate

Lasers that rejuvenate and restore sun-damaged skin are divided into two sub-types: Ablative and non-ablative.  Non-ablative lasers work by increasing collagen beneath the skin’s surface without damaging the outer layer of the skin. Non-ablative lasers produce thousands of tiny but deep columns of laser energy known as microthermal treatment zones. These zones are microscopically separated by areas of intact skin that the laser leaves untouched. This fractional treatment allows the skin that remains untreated to help heal the treated skin without the side effects of more aggressive treatments . In this way, the body’s natural healing process creates new healthier skin to replace older, environmentally damaged skin. Because of their non-aggressive nature, several treatments may be needed to achieve desired results. Non-ablative lasers may be utilized in conjunction with hydrafacial treatments, microdermabrasion or chemical peels to achieve synergistic results.

Removal of Blood Vessels and Age Spots

Lasers and IPL devices can be utilized to remove broken blood vessels and pigmented marks of the face, neck, chest and hands. Our dermatology staff has extensive experience in the use of these devices, having treated hundreds of patients successfully and given conferences nationally and internationally on their use.

Laser Tattoo Removal

The Versapulse ®  laser contains three different wavelengths so that tattoos of different colors can be effectively treated. The Q-switched 532 nm wavelength is utilized to treat red ink tattoos. The Q-switched alexandrite wavelength is used to treat green and blue ink and the Q-switched Nd-Yag is used to treat black ink. Together they can very effectively treat multicolored tattoos. Some inks such as bright green and blue inks remain extremely difficult to treat. We have been treating tattoos since 1989 and have treated hundreds of tattoos of all colors, shapes and sizes. Please call for a free consultation.