I-LipoXcell Cellulite Reduction

i-lipoxcelli-lipoXcell is a revolutionary new low level laser system for fat reduction and body shaping treatments.

The i-lipoXcell uses photobiomodulation to trigger the bodies natural processes which release the contents stored in adipose cells. On a day-to-day basis the human body is constantly storing excess calorie intake from the diet into adipose tissue for future use.

When required, signals from the brain result in the contents of cells being released and the contents are then metabolized to provide energy to the bodies tissues.

Fat-CellsIn essence the adipose cells are acting as rechargeable batteries, sometimes being charged up and sometimes being used depleted depending on a persons diet and exercise. When we exercise we create a demand for extra energy in the bodies tissues and normally the body responds by releasing the fuel stored in any adipose tissue.

I-lipoXcell simply stimulates the release of these contents before the body has actually embarked on the exercise, which enables us to specifically concentrate on troublesome areas.

Multi-Platform Body Contour System

  • Dual Wavelength laser
  • Near Infra Red Vacuum massage
  • Multi wavelength body analysis

Multiple Application

  • FDA cleared for circumferential reduction
  • FDA cleared for improvement in Cellulite
  • Body fat analysis
  • Stretch market improvement
  • Targeted fat reduction for all areas of the body