Dermatology Services


  • Board certified dermatologists undergo training in all aspects of skin, hair and nail diseases.

Residency & Examination

  • After receiving their medical training in an accredited medical school, physicians join a residency program where
    they undergo one year of internal medicine or general medical training. They then spend three years in a certified
    dermatology residency program where they undergo training in adult and pediatric dermatology, dermatologic surgery
    and cosmetic dermatology. Prior to board certification, dermatologists are required to pass a two day rigorous
    examination encompasing all aspects of skin, hair and nail disease, including skin cancer surgery, pathology of skin,
    hair and nails and physiology of the skin.


  • All board certified dermatologists employed by Coral Gables Dermatology & Laser Center have passed these rigorous
    requirements. They are well versed in adult and pediatric skin diseases and are trained in surgical, cosmetic and medical
    dermatology. So whether you have a common condition such as acne or a rare or difficult to treat condition such as
    psoriasis or lupus, our team of dermatologists can help. Please call us with any questions that you may have concerning
    your skin problem.